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Lucky Gemstones and Magic Amulets

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How to Choose Your Own and Special Lucky Gemstones as Amulets and Talisman.

Each Gemstone is Individual just like Humans. It has it's own DNA, in other words, each gemstone is Unique and Absolutely Special. There are No Two Alike, and Each Gemstone comes with it's own Character. Some are Calm and Quiet, some are Hyper and Aggressive, but Most Importantly, All Gemstones are Created by Earth and Born with Fantastic Energy Powers inside them.

First, You should always follow your Intuition when choosing your Own Gemstones. You may unintentionally get attracted to specific gemstones in the first 2-3 seconds. It is No Coincidence, but Magnetic Attraction between You and the Gemstones. You should always remember, that Gemstones are as Alive as Humans, and the First Impression between You and the Gemstones may be considered as Chemical Reaction between Two Humans. So, Choosing Your Own and Special Gemstone is the Same as when you get attracted to Men or Women. Therefore, the first Picked Gemstones are the Ones that should always stay with you, and/or kept in your Bedroom. They will Provide Excellent Balance and Positive Effect for Your Body, Soul and Spirit. At the Same time, These Gemstones will get adjusted to Your Character, and will become your Most Protective and Lucky Gemstone Totems.

Since many of us are Shopping over the Internet, we may see so many of Different Products that are made from Natural Gemstones. You should follow the Same Technique. Never Pay Attention to Price, it may be something for $5 or $100, but Energetic Powers of the Gemstones will not be any better if You pay higher price for it. Higher Price may only stand for esthetic quality of the Product. So... Follow Your Heart... If You Liked something, Get it. It may be Gemstone Jewelry Pieces, Tumbled Gemstones in the Pouch, Lucky Totems or whatever You like. You should also pay attention if the Store Owner or Internet Store provides Information for each gemstone they sell. People who sell Gemstone Products should be well Educated. They should know about Gemstones Natural Powers, Folklore and Myth Information and what each Gemstone is Good For. It may be Lucky Stone or Protection Stone, but most importantly, it should be the stone that You Personally Like and feel Attracted to it. Visit to Get a lot of Interesting, Valuable and Specific Information for Each Product, Gemstone, Amulet, Talisman and so much more... I personally Work with Gemstones, and they became Important Part of my Entire Life Journey.

Many of You have also wondered on how to Use Gemstones as your Own and Personal Amulet or Talisman. There are No Special Tasks that needs to be Performed to get all of the Special, Magical and Protection Powers of Natural Gemstones. Each Gemstone is already Naturally Energized with Fantastic Powers of Mother Earth. When Purchasing Amulet or Talisman over the Internet, always remember, that each and Every Gemstone has it's own Special Powers. Some may Bring Good Luck, some may become your Protection Amulet, and some are Good Enough to Improve your Love and Financial Life Situation. However, you should always keep in mind that nothing happens by its self. If you are Purchasing Money Talisman or Business Attraction Talisman, then you should realized that $20 talisman would not work without YOU. Do Not expect Magic if You are Not doing anything to Improve Your Life. However, Proper Talisman or Amulet will Help you to turn Right or Left unintentionally. You probably know people that really work a lot and make effort to succeed in life, and unfortunately they just cant move forward. Well, If You do Work and Try to Change Your Life around, then Naturally Energized Amulet or Talisman Will Help You to Turn Left or Right in Specific Life Situation. You may realize the Fact that Your Life does depend on choices you make, and may turn everything around in opposite direction based on each and every step you make. So, Purchasing Amulet or Talisman will Definitely Help you to make Right Choices that are Necessary to Improve Your Life in Unbelievable and Wishful way. Just Remember, Your Gemstone Amulet or Talisman Only Work Together with YOU. So, Get Ready to Change Your Life.

New Age Store and Magic Jewelry

Wearing jewelries have long been part of many cultures. This part of every culture is actually very evident since even in our everyday lives, we thing of jewelries as a basic part of our outfit. Also, wearing jewelries not only reflect our cultures and beliefs but also make up a big part of a person’s sense of fashion. Both men and women wear different kinds of jewelries. For women, many wear necklaces, rings, earrings, pins, anklets, bracelets, and even toe rings. Men, on the other hand, can be less expressive through jewelry but they also have their own share of it. Examples of these are jewelry pieces made and designed specifically for men such as rings, necklaces, watches, and even tie pins.
These jewelry pieces can be made using precious materials such as gold, silver or any other precious gem or stone. Our earth is gifted by nature with numerous precious gems and stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, onyx, opal, jade, pearls, and many more. Many of these precious gems and stones are not only valuable because of their beauty and monetary value but also because of the belief that surrounds them. Many of the most sought precious gems and stones are made of gemstones which are considered lucky or harbingers of good luck and good energy. These pieces of jewelry are what we call new age jewelry.
New age jewelry is the different jewelry pieces and sets which particularly have their own precious stone or gem that serves more than to please aesthetically. New age jewelries are also known to attract positive energy to the person who wears them. Examples of these kinds of jewelry are necklace pendants made of lucky gemstones such as green or white jade, clear or rose crystal quartz, tiger eye, or even onyx. These new age jewelry pieces mostly come in numerous colors and different shapes and sizes depending on the stone kind and cut size. Since they come in different colors, they are very easy to match with clothes and a person’s entire attire.
The so called new age jewelry does more than just beautify and accessorize. All of these kinds of new age jewelries bring some kind of luck depending on the particular shape, kind or inscription. All new age jewelry is best if you want to attract money, love, health, prosperity, or even a good harvest.
Many of these new age jewelry pieces and sets come in affordable prices. They come much cheaper compared to pearls or diamonds but they can much in the aspect of accessorizing yourself. The various colors can balance your attire whether you want a professional look or a casual look. They can be easily bought in many charm shops and accessories shops in most shopping malls or even through the internet. Before buying your own new age jewelry, it is best that you understand them and what great things they can bring to your life. Choose the most appropriate gemstones or inscriptions depending on what kind of good luck or wish you have. New age jewelries bring you much good tidings and best of all, you can have fun with their use in fashion.

Individual Good Luck Charms

In every part of the world, everyone have their own set of beliefs and traditions. This system of belief and traditions forms part of our culture and our personality. Of course, the concept of culture can be a very wide concept yet there are certain aspects of our beliefs and practices that make us what we are and make us behave the way we do.

One distinct example of how culture is reflected in practice is how people believe and make use of good luck charms. Good luck charms consist of things, big or small, which are tangible and material which we believe brings us good luck. In almost every part of the world, we have our own idea of what good luck charms are. To some, it can be composed of small things that are worn and are believed to bring lick to the wearer.

Also, some people believe that not all good luck charms can only be worn. Some good luck charms can not be worn but must be near the person. This is usually composed of small things that we can keep close to our bodies, clothes, pockets, and even our homes.

Believing in good luck charms does not necessarily point to superstition. While it is related to belief and faith, someone who believes in good and bad luck charms is not necessarily and not automatically superstitious. For example, a person who does not believe in luck and fate, may want to keep a small piece of charm because it can remind the person of good ideas and happy moments.

Other people who wear or bring good luck charms with them do not necessarily believe in them. While this may sound incredulous, it can be true to a big number of people. Some people do not believe in the concept of luck but would prefer to bring them just to be assured of the possibility of luck. For example, a person who does not really believe that a certain charm or stone can pull good luck, he or she still carries on just to be sure that he or she may attract positive energy. This is fine because every person has different beliefs and different levels of belief.

There are many kinds of good luck charms. Some of them are worn as bracelets or necklaces while some are kept in a box or in the pockets. An example of good luck charm is a bracelet with beads of jade. Jade is a precious stone and is believed to bring good tidings to the person who wears or owns it. In Asia, for example, many people have jade jewelry or jade displays in their homes for good luck. Many good luck charms are also used not only to attract good energy and good luck but also to ward off evil or negative energy.

The belief in good luck charms certainly does form a part of many cultures. Believing in certain precious stones and figures to bring good luck is part of the culture all of us should be proud of.

Wish Stones and Lucky Totems

Have you experienced wishing for something you really want? Have you ever wished for love, money, or even a house? While most of us would take wishes as they are; that is, as something we can ask and hope for but not necessarily assured, then the concept of wishes is something fun and joyful. A wish is something that you want and hope for and you do not have to expect it to be true but deep inside, you hope and pray for it to become a reality. The act of making wishes is fun. It can be a child’s game for some while to others, it can be taken seriously. The act of wishing and believing in wishes reflect of our cultures and beliefs. In many cultures, for example, wish stones are much used to bring good luck, prosperity, love, and all kinds of positive ideas and energy.
Wish stones are small stones made of precious gemstones or material that have lucky inscriptions or carvings on them. These wish stones can usually be bought at feng shui stores, charm stores, and even accessories shops. People who believe in the idea of positive and negative energy, feng, shui, good and bad luck are all believers of the numerous benefits of wish stones.
How Can Wish Stones Be Used?
Wish stones can be used as part of jewelry or accessories. Necklace pendants or bracelet charms made of these lucky wish stones are very popular in many countries. They may be seen attached to necklaces as pendants or even worn as small earrings. Another way to use wish stones is to have them somewhere near you. If you do not wear the wish stones on your body as jewelry, you can opt to have them near by keeping them in your bag, pocketbook or purse. Having a wish stone handy can bring good luck to the person who has it and uses it. Of course, it is believed that aside from good luck, you can make your wishes true with every wish stone.
What are the Different Kinds of Wish Stones?
In feng shui, certain gemstones or precious stones are believed to attract good health and luck. Examples of these precious gems are crystal quartz. Crystal quartz comes in different colors and shapes. They may be worn as part of jewelry or simply placed in a room or house to attract good fortune.
Another kind of wish stones are those precious gemstones like jade, onyx, and natural agate which in turn, have their own inscription or engraving. The inscriptions on these small wish stones can vary as some of them may read the words luck, money, love, health, or whatever wish the person has.
Examples of Jewelry Wish Stones
Most wish stones can be made into pocket totems, necklace pendants or wish stone keychains. Here are some of the examples that you can choose from based on the different precious stone and the inscription:
1. Precious Gems
Gemstones can come in the forms of green jade, blue goldstone, natural agate, rose quartz, white jade, or in hematite.
2. Inscriptions or EngravingOn the lucky gemstones, you may choose from different symbol or word inscriptions like “love”, “health”, “money”, etc.

Protection Amulets and Gemstones

The Powers of Protection Amulets

The usage of protection amulets has been a wonder for many people and a source of amazement since this practice has begun. Amulets have been in existence since early human history. From the moment when protection amulets have been first used until the present time, people continue to be astonished by the powers of these objects. What do these amulets possess that they are so intriguing and astonishing at the same time? This article will deal with the beginnings of the practice of usage of amulets and the root of its magical powers.

The word amulet is derived from the old Latin word “amoletum,” which is literally defined as “means of defense.” Amulets are specifically made for protection against all kinds of evil; evil spirits, evil eyes, evil powers, everything that is evil or brings harm to people. Hence, they are often also called protection amulets.

The use of protection amulets has been in practice since early civilization. Some of the oldest amulets date back 3,000 years ago. The Phoenicians, Babylonians, Assyrians and peoples of other ancient civilizations have been wearing amulets. The usage of amulets has also been in practice during the period of King Solomon’s reign. King Solomon himself is believed to have created many protection amulets for his people.

In ancient time, the practice of wearing protection amulets is spiritual and religious. These amulets are possessed of spiritual powers and energies that protect the people wearing it. Before the amulet is worn, it must be blessed by a spiritual leader through a ritual or prayer to bestow protective powers on the object. This spiritual leader, usually a priest or a sorcerer, is knowledgeable on every aspect of amulet. Once the amulets were blessed or ritualized, the powers of gods will be transferred to the object. There are also some rituals that must be recited by the wearer from time to time in order to maintain the power of the spirits.

This practice is still present today in some areas, especially in tribal communities. However, the “blessing” of protection amulets today can be done by anyone as long as they know the ritual and they truly believe in the powers of the amulets.

Protection amulets are as widely used today as before. There are still many people who wear amulets to protect themselves against the many dangers that they face. These amulets are also as effective as its ancient predecessors. It is precisely because the prayers, rituals, and blessings are still the same no matter what form the object may be. In fact, amulets have been infused into the fashion industry. Some of the trendiest bracelets, necklaces and other jewelries that we can see at the outlet stores are, actually, amulets. These jewelries were made using materials known to have protective elements and were blessed accordingly to become protection amulets.

Certainly, protection amulets will be in existence as long as there are evil spirits or forces that bring harm or danger to each and every one of us. As long as people need some security or a sense of security, for that matter, these amulets are a handy possession people can always have.